Making the wait for the holidays easier – the MDN advent calendar

Tomorrow we will release the MDN advent calendar at with a daily link on a web technology product, a MDN wiki page or a great demo collected by us over the last few days. You can get a preview of how the calendar will look and work here:

As an extra bonus, we thought it would be fun to document the step-by-step development of the calendar and release it for you to re-use or get inspired by.

You can get a white-labeled version of the calendar on GitHub and there is a two-part step-by-step instruction how it was built available: Part 1Part 2.

It is an example of how to build something server-side (so you can’t cheat by setting your operating system calendar ahead), enhance it with JavaScript and make it smooth by using CSS transitions. This should work for everybody and by playing each technology to its strengths, the code is very small indeed.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that and…

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