Congrats to our October Dev Derby winners!

Responsive design is more important than ever as people experience the Web on a variety of devices. Web developers can now take advantage of CSS Media Queries to build sites and applications that can be viewed on different screen sizes. So we decided to focus on that for the October Dev Derby.

For this challenge, developers submitted 15 demos to show what you can do with CSS Media Queries. Check them out so see how they present unique styles and layouts in response to changes in viewing area.

It was a fairly close race, so join us in congratulating the winners circle:
October Dev Derby winners - CSS Media Queries

1st Place: CSS3 Cherry Blossom – Media queries by elufo
2nd Place: Santa’s Media Queries by tuxie
3rd Place: Too many fish is the sea by michal.b

Responsive 3D-Models For Any Device
Spriting with CSS Media Queries

Thanks to everyone that participated in the October Dev Derby! Only a couple of days left to participate in the November Dev Derby, so get your Canvas demos in now. Otherwise, start experimenting with IndexedDB for December.

NOTE: We recently updated our Dev Derby rules to allow developers to participate in multiple contests until they win 1st place. That means if you’ve submitted awesome demos and come up short in the past, you still have a chance to win that top spot in future Dev Derbies… so keep those demos coming!

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