Wiki Wednesday: October 5, 2011

Here are today’s Wiki Wednesday articles! If you know about these topics, please try to find a few minutes to look over these articles that are marked as needing technical intervention and see if you can fix them up. You can do so either by logging into the wiki and editing the articles directly, or by emailing your notes, sample code, or feedback to

Contributors to Wiki Wednesday will get recognition in next week’s Wiki Wednesday announcement. Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks to BYK and Panagiotis Tsalaportas for their work!


Developing Mozilla




Thanks to Neil Rashbrook and Sevespade for contributing!


Thanks to Neil Rashbrook for his work since last time.



Thanks to Panagiotis Tsalaportas for his contributions since last time.


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Thanks to BYK for contributions since last time.


Thanks to BYK for contributions since last time.

About Eric Shepherd

Back in the early days of my career, I was a coder for computer games; if you search little-known Mac titles published by companies including Interplay/MacPlay, MGM Interactive, and Logicware, you'll see my name. Eventually, that work got old and I became a technical writer. Now I'm the developer documentation team lead at Mozilla.

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