Dynabyte event and presentations on HTML5 and CSS3

Last week I spoke at the Dynabyte meetup in Stockholm and I wanted to share the slides and what I was talking about.

My presentations

I gave two presentations during the evening:

HTML5 – The 2012 of the Web

The idea of my first presentation was to give an overview of HTML5 features and cover both possibilities and pitfalls they bring us:

HTML5 – The 2012 of the Web slides, on SlideShare

I went through what is encompassed in the term HTML5 – which I broadly believe are semantic improvements and new APIs. I spoke about new elements, how the doctype choice affects rendering and how you can easily specify the charset of the document. After that I covered new HTML5 form types, elements and attributes. I moved on to what I believe are some of the more important APIs and then talking about video and canvas and WebGL.

The talk was concluded by going through some of the most common questions and worries around HTML5 and to inspire people to try it out, and let specification writers and web browser vendors know what’s working well, and what is not.

HTML5 and CSS3 – exploring mobile possibilities

The second presentation went more into HTML5 features that are extra useful for mobile devices – such as offline applications – and link protocols for calls and text messages and tools for developing on mobile devices. I also covered a number of CSS3 options we have:

HTML5 and CSS3 – exploring mobile possibilities slides, on SlideShare

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