Mozilla Hacks Weekly, August 25th 2011

As we hope you have become accustomed to every Thursday, it is time again for Mozilla Hacks Weekly. It contains our collected recommended reading from us in the Mozilla Developer Engagement Team!

Weekly links August 25th 2011

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Here we go!

Christian Heilmann

A picture of Christian Heilmann PJScrape is a scraping network in JavaScript using PhantomJS. It allows you to get web sites from the command line after JavaScript changed the content. This allows you to get content written out with JavaScript without having to copy and paste generated content.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Christian, he’s available on Twitter as @codepo8.

Janet Swisher

A picture of Janet Swisher Periodic table of HTML5 elements: I am a sucker for creative periodic tables. This one groups groups the HTML5 elements functionally, which can be more informative than an alphabetical listing.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Janet, she’s available on Twitter as @jmswisher.

Louis-Rémi Babe

A picture of Louis-Rémi Babe A bit of self advertisement: Mozilla wants addons developer feedback about what they think we have done right, what went wrong and what should be improved. If you are a developer, you can help us help you by filling the survey.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Louis-Rémi, he’s available on Twitter as @Louis_Remi.

Rob Hawkes

A picture of Rob Hawkes CodeMirror is a little JavaScript library that gives you a pretty-looking code editor within the browser. I’ve seen it used during presentations at conferences, and within tutorials on the Web to quickly teach code in an interactive way. I’m sure there are plenty of other uses for it.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Rob, he’s available on Twitter as @robhawkes.

Robert Nyman

A picture of Robert Nyman Bootstrap from Twitter. A new toolkit to build web apps using CSS.

If you want to read more tips or discuss the web with Robert, he’s available on Twitter as @robertnyman.

Stormy Peters

A picture of Stormy Peters Why Amazon Can’t Make A Kindle in the USA – An interesting story of how industries and supply chains change in big ways from a set of small decisions. It would be interesting to consider how open source software fits as it is more globally disperse as opposed to concentrated in a particular country

Stormy can be found on Twitter as @storming

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