Better docs, by who? You (Doc sprint August 12-13)

tl;dr: MDN doc sprint, August 12-13, online or at local meetups organized by you. Write docs, get swag.

MDN: It's the Web. You drive.

How does better documentation for JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other open web technologies come into existence? People like you write it. MDN Doc Center contains some great docs, but it can always be clearer, more comprehensive, and have better examples. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know at least a little about this stuff. What you know, you can share. As more people do that, building on each other’s knowledge, the docs become more and more awesome.

You might or might not consider writing docs to be fun. (I do, but apparently I’m atypical.) However, whatever your baseline for the fun-ness level of writing docs, it’s more fun in groups. It’s cool to know that other people are doing similar stuff at the same time you are. It’s even cooler to get together with people doing similar stuff. This is why we hold doc sprints for MDN.

The next MDN doc sprint is Friday and Saturday, August 12 to 13. Mark it on your calendar:

You can participate from wherever you are. We use the #devmo channel on to coordinate. For added fun factor, you can organize a meet-up in your town for your friends or local web development user group. Or if you’re lucky, show up at a meet-up that someone else organized in your town. See the wiki planning page to read further details and share your ideas.

There will be swag. Make a non-trivial contribution during the sprint, and you can get an MDN t-shirt (or other swag if you don’t want a t-shirt).