Webinar: Deconstructing HTML5 video (The Spirit of Indiana Jones, Redux)

Update 2011-07-20: The video recording of this webinar is now available:

On Thursday, July 14th, at 16:00 UTC, Chris Heilmann will give second in the (so far sporadic) Mozilla Developer Engagement webinar series, discussing syncing HTML5 video with Google maps, using his “Spirit of Indiana Jones” demo as an example. Chris has already blogged about this demo, so this webinar is a chance for you to take part in a conversation, rather than just receive a broadcast.

Take a look at the demo code and the blog post, and then bring your questions to the webinar session. If you have a Google account, you can post questions (or respond to others’) ahead of time in this Google Moderator series; if not, ask your questions in IRC during the session.

The webinar will be broadcast on Air Mozilla, with text chat on #airmozilla on irc.mozilla.org. (There’s an IRC widget on the Air Mozilla page if you need it.)

Add this webinar to your calendar:

Oh, by the way, HTML5 video is the theme of the Mozilla Dev Derby for July. Whether you’re new to working with HTML5 video or an “old pro” (if there is such a thing), submit a demo during July to show off your stuff and win cool prizes.

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