Upcoming MDN doc sprints

After the huge success of our most recent documentation sprint for MDN, it seems too long to wait for the next planned sprint in June.

So we’re squeezing an extra sprint into the schedule, on the weekend of April 1st and 2nd. Mark your calendars:

Specific starting and ending times will be determined soon, probably at this week’s MDN community meeting (10:00am Pacific (18:00 UTC), March 2nd, in #devmo on irc.mozilla.org).

This doc sprint is not an April Fools joke! Please keep spoof contributions to a minimum (unless they’re really good).

We’re still planning to hold a doc sprint on June 6th to 8th, following the Open Help Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. This sprint will include an in-person gathering for those who can travel to Cincinnati.

By the way, today (February 28th) is the last day to save US$20 off the registration fee for the Open Help Conference. Register now if you’re interested in open source or community-based documentation and support. Note that attending the conference is not required for participating in the doc sprint, and vice versa.

More details about both sprints are forthcoming. Stay tuned.