exploring music with the audio tag

Today’s demo comes to us from Samuel Goldszmidt. He’s a web developer specializing in audio applications at Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM). IRCAM is a European institute covering science, sound and avant garde electro-acoustical art music.

The demo uses XML to describe the various segments of a piece of music – Florence Baschet’s StreicherKreis (Circle of Strings). The music itself is a combination of stringed instruments and electronic effects. From the XML, SVG is generated for each section of the music. You can click on each section to listen to that part of the piece and a description is shown on how that particular section was created.

As far as demos go, this is relatively simple. But it’s worth highlighting because it shows how easy it is to build a timeline around a piece of music and add descriptive information. In this case, it’s information meant to teach people how a particular effect was created. But it could be anything, from showing different camera angles of people playing the music to links about different covers of a popular piece. Opening up media to the web means that we can combine it with text, images and other media. This is just a small example.

View the Demo in Firefox 3.5

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