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  1. Weekly HTML5 Apps Developer Resources, June 20th 2012

    Weekly Resources for HTML5 Apps Developers



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  2. Announcing the May Dev Derby winners!

    Last month, ten excellent WebSocket demos were shared in the May Dev Derby competition. After looking through the entries, our three expert judges—Guillermo Rauch, Peter Lubbers, and Rob Hawkes—have decided on three winners and three runners-up.

    You don’t have to be a contestant to get excited. Because these demos are completely open-source, they provide wonderful lessons in all of the exciting things you can do with the WebSocket API today.

    Dev Derby



    Many congratulations to Ondřej for his astounding and record-setting three placements this month. Thankfully, this won’t be the last we see of him. Based on his early entry to the July Derby, it’s clear that Ondřej has much more to share. Congratulations also to rdragon, JoanC, and Cory Gackenheimer, who have shown us that newcomers and veterans alike are equally capable of impressing in this contest.

    And let’s not forget about all of our other great contributors. The Websocket API is very important for the future of the web, and these contributors deserve a great deal of praise for pushing it forward.

    Want to get a head start on a future Derby? We are also accepting demos that highlight the all that can be done today without JavaScript (July Derby) and demos related to the Camera API (August Derby).

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  3. Bringing the web to mobiles – Mozilla and Telefonica at Over the Air 2012

    A few weeks ago, Over the Air 2012, Englands biggest mobile (un)conference in Bletchley Park, England (home of the first ever computer built to crack the German Enigma encryption machines) attracted a few hundred developers to hear about the latest happenings in the mobile space and hack with them.

    Mozilla’s contribution was not only the sponsorship of the much needed beanbags but also a keynote on the much discussed topic of web vs. native applications on mobile devices. Today the organisers released the videos of the talks and here is Chris Heilmann of Mozilla talking about If mobiles don’t come to the web then the web must come to mobiles.

    The slides are on the web and the screencast is on and on YouTube:

    Furthermore, we chatted with Christian Payne about Boot to Gecko and there is an audio recording available on AudioBoo:

    The Next Web also covered the event and had a few questions on HTML5 on mobiles.

    In addition to this, Francisco Jordano of Telefonica gave a talk about the Open Web Device which is powered by Boot to Gecko:

    There is much, much more to be seen about Over the Air, and you can browse all the videos, talks and coverage of the event on Lanyrd.

  4. Weekly HTML5 Apps Developer Resources, June 13th 2012

    Weekly Resources for HTML5 Apps Developers



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  5. Talking web standards with Microsoft part 1 – Building for real standards

    I just returned from a recording session with Microsoft for their Channel 9 feature. Rey Bango (ex-Mozilla and also ex-Ajaxian) had invited us to chat about a few web development topics on video. The recordings are being edited now but you can get the presentations and the code examples right now.

    Rey and Chris

    The first session we recorded was about “Building for real standards”. In this we talk about what a standard means, how this applies to HTML5 and discuss problems and pitfalls to avoid. The slides are available on Slideshare and there is also a version with presenter notes.

    As part of the Mozilla Evangelism Reps Program we also make the slides with presenter notes as PDF, Keynote and PPT available and additionally release the code examples with tips on how to present them.

    You can get all of this on GitHub in case you want to give this presentation yourself.

    In the second (and last) part of the series we talked in detail about Progressive Enhancement, Graceful Degradation and Responsive design. The slides and code examples will be up here tomorrow.

  6. State of the Docs, June 7, 2012

    It has been four weeks since the last State of the Docs update, so there is much to report. As ever, this is just a selection of the recent documentation activity on MDN.

    Web standards docs

    The Asian language localization communities have been especially busy:

    • Ethertank added or updated Japanese translations for lots of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages.
    • Masahiko Imanaka created Japanese pages for lots of HTML elements.
    • Potappo translated HTML content categories into Japanese.
    • Yyss created or updated Japanese translations for the SVG tutorial, and translated a number of HTML, JavaScript, and Firefox-related pages into Japanese.
    • Ziyunfei created or updated Chinese translations for lots of DOM and JavaScript pages, including window.requestAnimationFrame, Array join, and <progress>.

    Mozilla technology docs

    Mozilla project docs